Loft Insulation

As we all know, heat rises. So, when you heat your house, the hot air goes up to the highest levels. If you have a loft or an attic, that’s where it ends up. The problem is, that if the loft doesn’t contain the heat, it will end up escaping out of your home. That will mean your heating system will need to work harder to keep your house warm. The best way to fix this problem is to insulate your loft space. Loft insulation is a material with which you can pad your loft walls. This material doesn’t allow the warmth inside to travel outside, making your heating much more efficient. Copyright Checkatrade. Using this information in an article or blog? Please add a link back to

Want To Reduce More Roof Heat Loss?

Multi-layer reflective foil insulation for roofs, walls and floors. Made with aluminium for maximum thermal performance, the reflective properties keep the living space warm in winter and cool in summer with effective solar over-heating barrier. Lightweight and flexible. Fast and simple installation without any harmful fibres or particles.


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